Lectrofan Sleep Machines

Lectrofan Sleep Machines High Fidelity White Noise Machine

Lectrofan Sleep Machines micro is a premium portable sound machine for sleep, relaxation, studying and conversation privacy. It is also wireless, portable Bluetooth speaker system that connects to a smartphone, tablet, computer, or any other compatible Bluetooth device. LectroFan micro is the perfect travel size product to accompany the original full-sized LectroFan sound machine.

Lectrofan Sleep Machines

Leave your original LectroFan as a permanent fixture in rooms, but take the compact micro with you around the house and while traveling. The unique swivel mounting design of the speaker lets it be pointed in any direction with a simple twist. The duel use of the micro will make it a must take the device for all your adventures. Lectrofan Sleep Machines.

  • Eleven unique digital, non-looping sounds: four white noise, five fan sounds and two ocean sounds
  • Compact swivel design lets you project the sound where you want it for optimal effectiveness
  • Wireless Bluetooth audio with a built-in microphone for listening to music or making conference calls with your smartphone
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 40 hours in sleep sound mode, or 20 hours while streaming via blue tooth.
  • The micro2 is rechargeable and has a 20-hour playback battery life when fully charged with the USB power cable.
  • With rich, lush sound in a small size, it’s a great way to take white noise and wireless audio with you wherever you go

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