Save 65% OFF on Hair Straightener Brush

Save 65% OFF on Hair Straightener Brush.

O’Bella Hair Straightener Brush Dual-Voltage 45 Second Fast Heat Up, 28mm Long&High Density Comb Teeth Anion Hair Straightener Brush for Long Curly Hair.

The electric brush releases rich negative ions which helps in eliminating frizz, knotting and split ends. This helps in improving the overall quality of the hair, resulting in a much smoother and healthier hair which is easy to manage anytime, anywhere.

Hair Straightener Brush

The O’bella Hair straightening brush should not be washed with water under any circumstances and should only be cleaned with a brush stained with alcohol. As alcohol is highly volatile, it disappears quickly and does not cause damage to the instrument in any manner.

Obella mini straightening hair brush, with light and compact design and 35% longer comb teeth(28mm) than those of standard brushes, can hit your scalp directly with better effects of massage and make long curly hair smooth and straight. It’s ideal for thick and naturally curly hair.


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