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MATCC Vacuum Sealer Machine Automatic/Manual Vacuum Sealing Machine

for Food Sealer with Built-in Cutter and Replaceable Sealing Strip One-knob Button Sealing System Dry & Moist Vacuum Packing Machine.
One-knob Button Operation: It can switch function with one-knob button operation arbitrarily. Vacuum?Seal and Vacuum Seal 3 in 1 function. The whole process from vacuum to heat sealing can be completed by pressing one button.

Vacuum Sealing Machine Dry/Moist, Normal/Gentle Modes: MATCC vacuum sealing machine can perfectly solve the problem of food with oil and water. Meanwhile we provide two kinds of suction force. Normal and Gentle modes can easily vacuum sealed soft, easily crushed and flattened food without destroying them.
Vacuum Sealing Machine
Vacuum Sealing Machine Built-in Cutter & Sealing Function: MATCC Food vacuum sealer can easily cut out the required size of the packing bag with sealing function. In addition, sealing width of 4mm ensures long sealing effect without air leakage affecting food preservation. SEAL function keep your snacks, nuts and chips crisp.

30cm Long Sealing Bar: The vacuum food saver machine has a heating wire up to 30 cm, which supports multiple bags of vacuum sealing or sealing only at the same time. It greatly improves efficiency and saves more time. At the same time, the product has Overheat Protection and thermal design, which can effectively longer the service life of machine.

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